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Boat Hook

The game changing rollable boat hook
Revolve has designed and developed a unique, full size rollable boat hook that stows into a space not much bigger than a coffee cup. Using next generation rollable composite technology, it can be rolled up for storage and quickly unrolled for use.  Minimising the space it takes up means that it can also be easily carried on craft not suitable for conventional boathooks including tenders, dinghys, even jet skis. Lightweight, strong and compact, the Revolve boat hook is truly revolutionary. www.rolatube.com

Rollable composite boat hook stowed


Super-compact full sized tripod
The Revolve rollable composite tripod is a completely new design using advanced material and construction techniques. The Revolve tripod uses a revolutionary new composite material from Rolatube that enables its stored size to be around 1/3 of traditional designs. The Revolve tripod has been designed with strength and stability as its core principles. Easy to store, carry and setup, the Revolve tripod allows you to minimise the weight and volume of the kit you need to carry.  

Rollable composite tripod hook detail