About Us

Rolatube rollable composite technology is at the heart of everything we make and enables us to take a truly fresh and innovative approach to product design. Not being constrained by the limitiations of traditional materials has meant we can create unique products with substantial benefits to their users.

       Rollable composite tripod hook detail


We dont believe in change for that sake of it however, we focus on products where we know we can offer something that you will want to own, and enjoy using.

Rollable Composites - The Next Generation in Material Technology

Revolve uses a revolutionary strong and lightweight composite material developed and manufactured by Rolatube. This next generation material has a truly unique multi-layer construction which enables it to be stored in a roll taking up minimum space. When unrolled, it forms a strong, tube-like structure that can be used in a wide range of applications and products.

Our Environmental Commitment

We are committed to designing products with low environmental impact and the next generation composite materials we use help us achieve our core design principles:

  1. ◎ Light weight and compact size to reduce transport costs and related CO2 output
  2. ◎ Maximise locally sourced content to reduce transport related CO2 output
  3. ◎ No single use plastics in the product or its packaging
  4. ◎ Packaging made from sustainable and/or recycled material
  5. ◎ End of life recyclable

The work is never done in this area however and we will continue to refine the way we work and strive to be a responsible manufacturer.