Redefining Portability in Photography

In the world of photography and videography, equipment can be heavy and cumbersome. However, the Revolve Ultra Compact Tripod is here to change that. Designed to be a robust and stable platform for a wide range of gear, this tripod combines strength, stability and portability in a way that will revolutionise your shooting experience. Let’s delve into the unique features the tripod has to offer.

Strength and Stability Meets Portability

The Revolve Ultra Compact Tripod is a game-changer for photographers and videographers who demand quality, but also value portability. Its full-sized design features single-piece rollable composite legs, which provides a unique combination of low weight and high stability and strength. You no longer have to compromise between a sturdy support system and ease of transport.

Impressive Weight Capacity

Despite its lightweight design, the tripod can carry equipment weighing up to 20kg (45lbs). This impressive weight capacity means you can use it with a variety of cameras, lenses and accessories, making it a versatile choice for all your photography and videography needs.

Optimised for Various Shooting Positions

One of the standout features of this tripod is its versatility in terms of shooting positions. With a quick deploy mode that offers a minimum deck height of just 15cm, you can capture low-angle shots effortlessly. If you need to shoot from a sitting or standing position, the tripod can be adjusted to a maximum deck height of 130cm. The adjustable centre column further fine-tunes your setup, ensuring you get the perfect shot every time.

Revolutionary Rollable Composite Material

 The secret behind the Revolve’s tripod’s compactness lies in its revolutionary rollable composite material. This cutting edge material allows the tripod to be stored in a small bag measuring just 13cm wide by 17cm tall. This is approximately one-third the volume of a comparable telescopic tripod, making it incredibly easy to pack and carry.

Say goodbye to bulky tripods and hello to a new era of portable camera support with the Revolve tripod. It is a game changer for photographers and videographers and offers a unique combination of strength, stability and portability.



Revolve Ultra Compact Tripod